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Anime War a unique naruto mmorpg online game.

Naruto Uzumaki is a hero of the Japanese manga that has long become a super popular character. Worldwide anime fans are tracking his breathtaking advantages. The story of this active teenager already counts 67 parts of manga. Several full-length films and anime series were created on the basis of the manga.

This website is fully dedicated to the Anime War game developed specially for Naruto anime fans. You can get all the necessary information about the game, characters and their abilities here.

Anime War is an exciting arcade style browser mmorpg game created on the basis of the popular anime. Players can find themselves in the world of adventures and follow the way of their favorite hero starting as ordinary academy student and ending with “Sanina” level. To be successful in this game you’ll have to undergo some challenging tests including hard trainings and difficult fights with the enemies.

The gaming process of this Mmorpg Naruto style game is unique while it has no linear leveling and no game levels in classical sense. You can learn any desired skills if you have enough gaming experience. Players can improve their rank if they reach the necessary level of skills development. To achieve this goal you need to win the special examination fight.

A player can learn a random number of skills. During the fight it’s possible to select 5 attacking and 5 defensive skills to build a unique warfare strategy.

The game’s advantages:

  • Anime War allows you to enter the breathtaking anime world and follow the way of your favorite character;
  • You can combine different fight techniques;
  • You can conduct fights with your friends;
  • Players can offer the developers their own clans and skills. If the proposals are really interesting they can be added to the game;
  • Exciting game play;

For users convenience the game is integrated into popular social media – Facebook, Vkontakte, Mail.ru
Link to the game VK – http://vk.com/naruto_rpg_game naruto mmorpg group; Game Vkontakte http://vk.com/app3735435;

Developers have created a fascinating online game that will be appreciated by anime fans and those who never watched it.